Breastfeeding Lancet Series 2016: India's Road Map


Launching " Breastfeeding Lancet Series 2016: India's Road Map"


On 29th Jan the Lancet published a new Series on Breastfeeding (( It presented new evidence on the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding proving short-term and long-term health, economic and environment advantages to children, women, and society. 

If India were to universalize breastfeeding in coming years, new evidence tells us that it could reduce thousands of child deaths and episodes of diarrhea, pneumonia annually. Also, a 3 point increase in IQ of all children, rich or poor has been reported.

Among the long- term health benefits breastfeeding can prevent 1 out of 3 new cases of type 2 diabetes (35%), and can reduce obesity by 26%. It can also help in reducing 4915 deaths due to breast cancer annually in women.

Taking on from the Lancet series  BPNI /IBFAN Asia have come up with a document titled "Breastfeeding Lancet Series 2016: India’s Road Map”. 

The document provides India specific future plan of action and investment estimates for breastfeeding interventions on scaling up breastfeeding rates to realize these gains.

We wish to reach every policy maker, govt. official, and civil society group and program manager working in the field of child health and nutrition through this document, because investing in breastfeeding interventions has the potential to save lives and everyone can contribute! 

We are happy to share  "Breastfeeding Lancet Series 2016: India's Road Map with you! 

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2 : Why invest, and what it will take to improve breastfeeding practices?- Nigel C Rollins, Nita Bhandari, Nemat Hajeebhoy, Susan Horton, Chessa K Lutter, Jose C Martines, Ellen G Piwoz, Linda M Richter, Cesar G Victora, on behalf of The Lancet Breastfeeding Series Group* , January 29, 2016 

The series refers to IBFAN initiatives such as World Breastfeeding Trends Initiatives (WBTi), World Breastfeeding Costing Initiatives (WBCi) and the Report on Carbon footprints titled "Formula for Disaster” (Please see links below)

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