Global Conference on Meeting Nutritional Challenges with Sustainability and Equity Dates: 2-3 August, 2009



Global Conference on 
Meeting Nutritional Challenges with Sustainability and Equity
Dates: 2-3 August, 2009
Venue: India International Centre (Annexe), New Delhi, India

Organized by: International Baby Food Action Network (Asia), Navdanya, Initiative for Health, Equity and Society/Third World Network, Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, 
In Partnership with: Child in Need Institute, Diverse Women for Diversity, Baby Milk Action-UK, Foodfirst Information and Action (FIAN)-India, International Commission on the Future of Food 
Supported by: Planning Commission of India, Plan India, ActionAid




Global Conference on Meeting Nutritional Challenges with Sustainability and Equity
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Day One - 2nd August 2009

Inaugural Session

Right to Food - An Inalienable Human Right -- Adv. Anand Grover


Session 1 - Keynote Speakers
Understanding Hunger 
Hunger and Malnutrition --Dr. Marion Nestle

What Lies behind the Food Crisis in India and the Global South? -- Prof. Utsa Patnaik


Session 2: Food Rights for Health

Realising the Human Right to Food with Equity --Shri Harsh Mander 
Swaraj as the Foundation for Community-based Nutrition Security --Prof. George Kent


Session 3: Roots of Malnutrition -

Destruction of sustainable food production and livelihoods --Dr. Vandana Shiva 
Roots of tribal malnutrition WTO and the threat to food production -- Dr. Binayak Sen


Session 4:Manufacturing Malnutrition

Nutrition for women and children - what does it mean? -- Dr. Mira Shiva 
Nutrition and the 0-6 months infants -- Prof. Komal Prasad Kushwaha

Complementary feeding -- Prof. M.M.A Faridi


Session 5:The Hunger Bazaar: chemicalising food to create markets

Nutritionism -The slippery slope to corporatisation of food Corporate takeover of infant feeding-- Dr. Veena Shatrughna

When Breasts are Bad for Business - Using ‘trust’ to build the baby food market -- Ms. Patti Rundall 
Nutritionism - the slippery slope to corporatisation of food Corporate takeover of infant feeding
Using micronutrient malnutrition to take over food - the example of Shakti Doi in Bangladesh --Dr. Khurshid Talukder
The politics of ready-to-use therapeutic foods -- Dr. Vandana Prasad


Session 6 :Paradigms that Pamper Profit-making

Public Private Partnerships - will they feed the hungry? -- Dr.Arun Gupta
Science in service of the market – health and nutrition issues --Dr. JP Dadhich 
Science in service of the market - Genetic Engineering --Dr. Vandana Shiva


Day Two – 3rd August 2009

Session 1 - Defending the Right to Food

The Right to Food in Supreme Court and the legislature

The Infant Milk Substitutes Act - an Act that needs to be strengthened -- Dr.Arun Gupta

Using the judicial system to protect food - The case against Micronutrient Fortification of flour in Gujarat High Court -- Ms. Sejal Dand


Session 2 - Addressing Malnutrition through Practice

The Lalitpur experience -- Prof. Komal Prasad Kushwaha

Mobile Creches --Ms. Devika Singh 
Child in Need Institute -- Dr. Nimai Chand De 
Christian Medical College, Vellore. --Prof. Anuradha Bose


Session 3 - Addressing Hunger and Malnutrition through Policy

ADDRESSING MALNUTRITION THROUGH POLICY- Integrated Child Development Scheme and Mid-day Meal Scheme in India -- Ms. Dipa Sinha

Protecting access to food -Public Distribution System and National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India -- Mr.Biraj Patnaik