Inaugurating the IYCF Counseling Centre
BPNI’s very first IYCF Counseling Centre is open now!
( Dr. K.P.Kushwaha (In center)  In photograph (L-R) Dr.Khosla, Dr.J.P.Dadhich, Dr.Arun Gupta, Dr.Kesavulu,Ms.Fariha and Dr. Sunita Katyan )

Breastfeeding mothers often complaint of having not enough milk or milk not being produced at all. Some mothers whose babies are sick or low birth weight, often do not know how to feed them. Many a times mothers develop breast conditions like sore nipples, swelling and pain in breasts. At times like these, all such mothers need personalized specialist services and help. We from BPNI excel and specialize in providing support to such mothers at our counseling centre.



Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (BPNI),

SU-74, 2nd Floor, Pitampura, New Delhi

Timings: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Days: Monday to Friday

(All services will be provided free of cost) 

           OUR SERVICES

 (All services will be provided free of cost)

  1. Antenatal Information and counselling for success in breastfeeding
  2. Mothers diet during pregnancy and lactation
  3. Initiation of Breastfeeding (Skin to skin contact) within an hour
  4. Helping mothers in proper attachment and positioning even if the baby has been born by Caesarean section.
  5. Counselling and helping mothers who feel about not having enough milk and counsel  mothers how she can increase her breastmilk supply
  6. Mothers who have breast engorgement, abscess, sore nipples, breast size, small/ large nipple with feeding difficulties, full breast, mastitis.
  7. Help a mother who is ill to continue breastfeeding
  8. Provide help to the babies having illness due to artificial feeding like diarrhoea, pneumonia, jaundice and sepsis.
  9. How to exclusively breastfeed low birth weight and sick babies
  10. What is so good about breastfeeding, Benefits of exclusive Breastfeeding 
  11. Dangers of pre-lacteal feeding , artificial feeding
  12. Take breastfeeding history on proper formats to be able to help mothers
  13. Observe breastfeed and help mothers in improving BF practice
  14. Diagnose why a baby is refusing to breastfeed and crying and helping the mothers of such babies to breastfeed.
  15. Help mothers to learn expression, storage and katori feeding the breast milk.
  16.  Provide special help to mothers who stay away from home (working)
  17. Counsel mothers with special conditions, like HIV, cancer etc about the feeding options available for their baby.
  18. Help the mother to start breastfeeding again if she has stopped breastfeeding (relactation)
  19. Help mothers to continue and sustain Breastfeeding till 2 years


Ms. Fariha Siddiqui

Ms. Prerna Bhardwaj

Ms. Vibharika Chandola

Phone No:

011 -27343608

011 – 42683059