• Media events during World Breastfeeding Week in the four focus countries to showcase and highlight policy and program gaps, how to bridge these and dissemination of these messages in local languages through the media, as well as to position IYCF as an integral part of the food security agenda of these countries. 
Link: India ,  Afghanistan ,  Bangladesh ,  Nepal
  • Capacity building: Capacity building and sensitization of relevant partners and health personnel at national and state levels in India on identified gaps in policy and programming, as well as meetings with the government and others to advocate for change. A 4-in-1 Training Course and training materials which would include Breastfeeding, Complementary Feeding, HIV and Infant Feeding and Growth Monitoring currently used by BPNI will be reviewed at a consultative workshop to strengthen the training modules, and training materials. The revised modules and materials would be used for future capacity building by BPNI in India and the region. This grant will fund the revision of the modules as well as a training of trainers program in Afghanistan.
  • International Training-of-Trainers In Infant & Young Child Feeding Counseling: a 4-in-1 course (An Integrated Course on Breastfeeding, Complementary Feeding, Growth Monitoring and Infant Feeding & HIV- Counseling)
Link: Training/TOT-Report-Delhi.pdf
  • Estimating cost of scaling-up breastfeeding and complementary feeding: It is proposed to develop a document, Scaling up Infant and Young Child Feeding Interventions – What will It Cost, detailing the investment needed for enhancing breastfeeding and complementary feeding through universalizing proven interventions including provision of skilled counseling from time of birth onwards through capacity building, implementation maternity protection and the International Code, and effective promotion of optimal IYCF practices will be developed. An early concept note of the study and document will be discussed at the WBC, 2012 to benefit from inputs of governments and other participants at the Conference. 
Link: policy-dialogue-on-scaling-up-breastfeeding-and-iycf-rates-what-will-it-cost
  • National Advocacy Seminar on "Strengthen IYCF Capacity in South Asia Region ( SAFANSI ): To bring together at the national level government departments, the media, other stakeholders such as development agencies, civil society organizations etc, to endorse the plan of action and finalize it.
Link: Bangladesh,   Nepal and   Afghanistan
  • South Asia Regional (SAR) workshop,IBFAN Asia organized a Workshop on Strengthening Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices and Programmes in South Asia Region (SAFANSI Project),  at Barog Himachal Pradesh from 23-26th March 2014. It brought together 23 participants from 7 SA countries - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and expert from World Bank.

Link: Workshop-conducted-on-strengthening-iycf-policies-and-programmes-in-south-asia-region